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‘Created Equal’ film uses women’s ordination to address broader societal, legal issues | National Catholic Reporter

“Can you be a good-standing, female Catholic and still want to be a priest? Who decides whose call to a vocation is valid? Can the court legally intervene in the church’s traditions? Do religious liberty laws exempt religions from discrimination laws?”

Source: ‘Created Equal’ film uses women’s ordination to address broader societal, legal issues | National Catholic Reporter

Feb 5, 2018 by Kristen Whitney Daniels


Challenge Parable for tax break trickle-down economics

“Sam Uncle sent out a letter to his servants.

To I. M. Rich he gave five tax breaks, to John Middle he gave 2 tax breaks,
to Don Low he gave one tax break,
and to Mother Striver he gave a transfer payment.
On the following April 15, Sam Uncle received the returns.

I. M. Rich  took his five tax breaks and parlayed them into five tax shelters. Sam Uncle said, “You did well. You will be tax exempt for the next 10 years.”

John Middle took his two tax breaks and found two tax shelters. Sam Uncle said, “You did well. You will be tax exempt for two years.”

Don Low reported his income, forgot his tax break, and sent his check. He was called in for an audit.

Mother Striver used her transfer payment to feed her children and obtained a student loan.
Sam Uncle, upon examining her return, denied her deduction for educational expenses and declared her income (with the loan) in excess of eligibility requirements needed for the transfer payment.
Sam Uncle subsequently demanded repayment of the transfer payment and garnished her bank account.”

From the Book: The Prostitute in the Family Tree: Discovering Humor and Irony in the Bible  by Douglas Adams (pg 46)

Catholic Bishops Conference of India Council for Women

USA Conference of Bishops writes about women’s concerns WHILE India’s Conference of Catholic Bishops has National Council for Women and actively listens to them.

“Sister Talisha Nadukudiyil, national secretary of the CBCI Council for Women, wrote on October 16 to all bishops and Church leaders in the country….to draw national attention to the plight of the survivors of the worst anti-Christian violence of modern India.”

via Kandhamal Catholics elated over women council initiative | Matters India

Two Australian bishops say Catholics can vote ‘yes’ on same-sex marriage – La Croix International

Bishop Vincent Long of Parramatta and Bishop Bill Wright of Maitland-Newcastle have effectively removed any “Catholic” arguments against supporting marriage equality and stress the responsibility of Catholics to discern carefully in determining their “vote”.

Christians must be very confused about how their religious beliefs should influence their views on the current marriage equality survey, officially described in the ABS mail-out as “Your Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey”.

Some so-called Christian positions seem to suggest that there is an inherent Christian exclusion of the possibility of civil same-sex marriage. The most careful and authoritative Christian analyses to date may have come from separate pastoral letters of Catholic bishops Vincent Long of Parramatta and Bill Wright of Maitland-Newcastle.”

For more on this read:  Two Australian bishops say Catholics can vote ‘yes’ on same-sex marriage – La Croix International

Swindled and Blindsided

Too many Catholic voters gave into the blind obedience that Evangelical Catholicism requires.

Painted Ponderings

                           “Oh, What Did I Do?”

I’m one of those Evangelical Catholics who voted for Trump. I was convinced that I was following my conscience. I attend mass every Sunday and expect my pastor to be my moral guide in most areas of my life.

I must admit, however, in the area of birth control, I felt ok with my wife’s practicing birth control. We were both open to having children, but just not more than we could provide with food, shelter, health, education and love. We knew that the church was not against birth control per say, and even encouraged “natural” family planning. Our first two children were the result of that method and so we realized that it did not work for us, We felt God could not be offended if we used a method that did. Even at that, we always felt some guilt about it, and…

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john pavlovitz – Stuff That Needs To Be Said

“This is racism.
This is domestic terrorism.
This is religious extremism.

This is bigotry.
It is blind hatred of the most vile kind.
It doesn’t represent America.
It doesn’t represent Jesus.
It doesn’t speak for the majority of white Americans.
It’s a cancerous, terrible, putrid sickness that represents the absolute worst of who we are.’

via john pavlovitz – Stuff That Needs To Be Said

Vatican Sexism, A Clear and Present Danger to the Catholic Church

Courageous National Catholic Reporter journalist Jamie Manson recounts her first-hand experience of the Vatican’s scandalous obsessive fear of women clergy, extending even to women clergy of the Anglican variety.


Wrongdoing “must be acknowledged and as far as possible corrected”

“We must struggle against injustice and those who promote or countenance it…”

Truly problematic are prelates who raise their voices against same-sex marriage, but not against overt racism and misogyny. Or bishops who defend the religious liberty of Catholic institutions regarding contraception, but not the freedom of persecuted Muslim refugees who wish to immigrate to our shores…

we can neither ignore the grave threat of the “Trump movement” and his “alt-right” allies nor downplay the complicity of those who support them. Doing so is denial and moral evasion.”

via Not the Time for Reconciliation | Commonweal Magazine


Found in the Upper Left Corner

“By dropping black ink into pools of water and allowing images to emerge we can find surprise paintings that call to us from our unconscious/soul. My mystic image was hiding in the upper left corner of the paper. It only needed three black lines and a few shadows to bring her into focus. It’s not always the big picture where we need to focus.” Yes, we all need to discover our mystic soul within, that which RESISTS disparagement and abuse, that which INSISTS on the truth within which sets us free.

Painted Ponderings

img_0031 The mystic woman

My friend, Evelyn Mattern, had died shortly after she had published a book about women mystics titled, “Why Not Become Fire”.  The legacy of the women  in her stories had not been part of my catholic education. From my friend’s book I learned quite a lot about these women of the past who lived with strong courage, faith  and deep conviction in their own experiences of God. They defined God in their own terms and often exceeded the limits put upon God by the church of their time. Some dared to describe the divine in feminine language and images of love.  In the past woman mystics had been  depicted  as religious fanatics and in some cases mentally unstable.  They lived under threat of execution by the defenders of the faith. Many in fact died at the hands of the church.

Discrediting women especially in the realm of religion was/is  important for maintaining a patriarchal system that must control the souls and bodies…

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