LCWR might lead the formation of a new Non-Roman Western Catholic Rite/System as an alternative to the Roman Rite with its Romanist hierarchical, male culture, language, doctrine and ritual.

It’s a risk to leave the dominant Roman Catholic Rite, but others have done it when the polarization and domination had become too destructive of their beloved Catholic faith.

LCWR might lead and gather those who wait in faithful dissent to the cause for a new INCLUSIVE CATHOLIC RITE which is not afraid to look at the updating and transvaluation of doctrine, law, and ritual. In doing this, LCWR might give hope to theologians who have been tossed out of the Roman Rite and the rest of us waiting in the wings.

REMEMBER, the Roman Catholic Rite/System does not own Catholicism!

Have Courage, dear Sisters! WE NEED YOU NOW!