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Reign of God? Constantine: Reign of God?

For almost two decades I have been trying to understand how the Christian message of love, equality, compassion and peace could become so usurped by power, hierarchy, control and division.  Where did it all go wrong?

Constantine the Great was a name I vaguely remembered from some glossed over world history lesson and he seemed very much alive in the ceremonies I was watching. Now having read several biographies of the man who stole Jesus’ mystical dream and used the christian movement to promote his earthly empire, I understand.

Empire! Empire! This was not a modern decline I had been noticing about my church but a deeply engrained clerical monarchy of old.

That the church of Rome today resembles an empire more than a faith community became clearer to me as the media made us eyewitnesses to coronations and funerals of the most recent popes.  .

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