FACES, WaterColors by Consilia Karli
FACES, WaterColors by Consilia Karli

Transvaluation is what we do to survive.  It is how our minds and spirits keep on keeping on when our hearts have lost their purpose and direction.  Transvaluation is the melting down of values that we held dear for as long as we can remember.

Sometimes that melting down is caused by outside circumstances like illness or death or job loss.  Other times it comes on the heels of a thief in the night which knocks us into an uncomfortable empty space about who we are or where we are going.

This is the time for sitting back with the emptiness, with the questions that seem to have no answers anymore.  This is the time for melting down all the wisdom we have collected over the years, melting it down so new wisdom can be re-fashioned from past wisdom.

Over time, the confusion of “who am I? and “where am I going?” or “what do I believe?” melts into a new me, a new you.  St. John of the Cross called this time the “Dark Night of the Soul”, the title of his most famous book, the story of his struggle and ours.