Jesuitical to Commenter: 1/14/2015  NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER
Others have said that we cannot be anything but skeptical about anything written in the first couple of centuries. Jesus had no reason to found a church. He went to a temple and would not even know what a church is. The early Christina gathering was as a Christian Jewish sect with James as its head, no bishops, no pope in the Jewish religion. A decade after the destruction of the temple the Christian sect was expelled from the Jewish faith and has been gentile since.

Scholarship also concludes that Peter was never a bishop, let alone pope. Patriarchs of the church had more esteem than the bishop of Rome, now pope. Early councils were called by the emperor not the pope, pope came by invitation only, the councils were conducted in Greek not Latin. Leo I was indeed pope as we now know them. Quoting those figures is not regarded as historical, or any more valid than their opposition, which they all had. Patriarchs were condemning and accusing each other of falsehoods. To single out any to support a position is argument by selection not representative of an entirety. The church has always conducted its business that way, insisting on ‘apostolic succession’ as truthful, which it is not.”

SisterLea to Jesuitical above:
“Very sad that the RCC thinks it must hide its evolutionary past and insist that it was birthed fully mature from the womb, oops, heart of Jesus. Perfection is such a terrible burden, always needing to protect and pretend, fight and defend…and in the end that “body language” betrays itself. So very, very sad because a Church heroic enough at owning its frailties, mistakes and errors would be a Church REAL, a Church AUTHENTIC, a practicing example of Reconciliation in our world today. This very humble action of owning its past and reconciling with those harmed could make such a difference in all the present troubles including terrorism.”

Jesuitical  to SisterLea above:
“Extremely well stated sister. You captured it all in a succinct to the point, best post on the subject yet”.