Perhaps we need a new Catholic Rite which tries things out for the
Roman Catholic Rite, a rite not so much in need of “never making a mistake so it can be infallible” in the proclamations of doctrine and canon law???
There ARE other Catholic Rites of old which started on matters which were irreconcilable at the time time these rites started. These are rites where the Pope is elder brother among equals; they have not given up their unique interpretations of doctrine or canon law with married priests being but one example. These Catholic Rites are in communion with Rome.
Isn’t it time for a new rite now?…so the Roman Catholic Rite can take all the time it needs to change doctrine and canon law…and learn from the experience of the new non-Roman Western Catholic Rite???

Bondings 2.0

Cardinal Reinhard Marx

One of the strongest pro-gay voices to emerge at the synod in October 2014 was Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and a member of Pope Francis’ council of cardinal advisers.  Time and again during the meeting in Rome last year, Marx made several statements which indicated that he is eager for a more welcoming and open approach to lesbian and gay people in the Church.

America magazine’s website has just published an interview with Cardinal Marx, conducted by Luke Hansen, S.J., a former associate editor of America, and a student at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University, California.  The interview was done following Marx’s delivery of the Roger W. Heyns Lecture  at Stanford University, California, on January 15th.  It’s an amazing document, and I strongly recommend reading it in the entirety to get a fuller sense of Cardinal Marx’s mind. You can…

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