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Sister Lea:
The Church has the key to prevent “a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the system of exploitation”.

When the Church stops teaching that God believes in inequality, there will be no reason to think oneself, one race, one gender, one religion superior to another. If God has a right to the inequality of hierarch over all, then the Church believes itself to be so endowed by God.

If we taught a God who believes in the equality which love desires, then there would be no need for teachings, rituals, or hymns based on worshipping and adoring God as a superior being.

Genuine love, holy love has no desire to be adored or worshipped. We only perpetuate idolatrous notions of God when we situate God on a pedestal or throne above all. Neither does it do us any good to tout our unworthiness (inferiority) in relation to God; Love does not desire self-humiliation of the beloved.

If God is truly Love, then superiority over the beloved is not an issue. But it is an issue with us. If we do not have God and Church as our models of superiority, how can we continue to look down on others as aliens, convicts, and the assorted names we have for those we see as inferior to ourselves.