To have a truly just church, Pope Francis must move beyond complementarity | National Catholic Reporter.

SisterLea reply to Monica:
I agree, Monica, that asking the RC Church to change is akin to asking the leopard to change its spots. And yes, many stay and see the RCC as “meaningful…as a community that cares”. Many of us stay connected to our families for similar reasons.

Unlike the generational impact of families though, the RCC is an institution with millennial impact for better or worse. The sad thing I read in your comment is resignation to the idea that the Catholic Church has nothing more to offer. As for the Roman Catholic Rite of the Catholic Church and its doctrinal substructure of hierarchy as divine revelation, I would agree wholeheartedly with your resignation and lowest of expectations.

However, the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church is NOT the sum total of Catholicism or Christianity, though it has done its good job in preserving and spreading the faith long enough to pass it on to many of us.

It is very possible that, as new Catholic Rites were formed in the earliest years of Christianity and at other paradigm shift times like the Renaissance, so a new Catholic Rite will arise out of the work of post-Vatican II theologians, scientists and other paradigm shifting people in the 21st century. But this will only happen if we can see past the box marked “Not Roman Catholic = Not Catholic”.