IN HOPE THAT SOME CATHOLIC HIERARCH IS READING, I quote the author of this article “why we’ve agreed not to baptize our children in the Catholic Church (see related post here), because what kind of hypocritical message would that send to the kids? “Sons, come and associate yourselves with an organization that makes men all-powerful and doesn’t allow women equal opportunity!” “Daughters, welcome to a place where you have no hope of being viewed as equals, of ever holding a position of power, and can only be a nun or deacon if you wish to serve the Church!” No thanks. It’s also why we refuse to send them to the Catholic elementary school across the street. Until the Vatican allows women to be ordained, we’ll be keeping my kids as far away as possible because we both believe in a different kind of world — one that preaches and lives gender equality.”

Personally, I believe we need some new Catholic Rites alongside the ROMAN Rite of the Catholic Church. It’s a part of Catholic History. Diversity and syncretism with other cultures have long been part of Catholic Tradition.

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Should women be ordained in the Catholic Church?

This was the topic of a very interesting interview I heard on CBC yesterday. A Catholic female lawyer from Manitoba named Therese Koturbash is fighting for women to be ordained in the Catholic Church because she believes it’s time for change, time for the “old men’s club” in the Vatican to make room for women who, historically, may have been marginalized, but are now considered the intellectual equals of men. Arguing against her was another female Catholic from the U.K., who wants to maintain the status quo in the belief that priests represent Christ in all forms, particularly that of being an unmarried male.

I found this conversation to be absolutely fascinating, as the Vatican’s refusal to give women positions of power is a huge point of contention for me. I am not Catholic, which puts me in the awkward position of…

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