The problem here is that the ROMAN Rite of Catholicism CANNOT and WILL NEVER see inclusion as essential to the Gospel. Roman Rite interpretation of Scripture and Tradition are AGAINST Vatican II in every respect that opens the Church to the World. This is why some cardinals and bishops are having such a hard time with Pope Francis.

Roman Rite theology, liturgy and governance are based in the preservation of the faith as the Councils of Trent and Vatican I proclaimed it. Immutability and permanence are charisms of the Roman Rite. There is no need to fault them for charisms that have carried the faith into the 21st century.

Yet, a slow growing/now mushrooming polarity has developed between Trent and Vatican II theology, liturgy and governance on both sides of the Catholic Church, progressive and conservative. So far this polarization has only served to drive each side more definitively into its own camp. It has also driven people out of the Catholic Church, a consequence destructive to the Catholic faith at large.

Yet what if this rising polarization is a gift of the Holy Spirit?

Could the Holy Spirit be trying to get us to RAISE Vatican II COUNCIL to Vatican II Catholic RITE alongside the Roman Rite? After all, the tradition of a diversity of Catholic Rites within the universal Catholic Church is an ancient one. See This tradition encompasses different interpretations of doctrine/theology and governance/canon law as well as different liturgical practices. (Some would have us believe that “Rite” pertains only to different liturgical expressions, but this is true only in a few instances.)

It will take work to do this raising of Vatican II Council to the position of a Catholic Rite, and it will not happen without the Holy Spirit’s intervention. Yet this very work could alleviate the destructive wrangling between these two Catholic positions (Trent vs Vatican II) much as the formation of Eastern Catholic Rites freed up each side to see and live the faith differently yet within the same family Catholic.

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