Many think the pope can save the Catholic Church from ripping apart at the seams. Maybe the only way he can do that is to open us to the idea that Church unity can be saved through diversity, like the diversity of the 20+ operational Eastern Rites now in union with Rome. We need a VATICAN II Rite in the Catholic Church right alongside the Roman Rite…and we NEED it NOW!

Rite Beyond Rome

Pope Francis is a good and holy man!  Many think he can save the Catholic Church from ripping apart at the seams.  Maybe so, but we think NOT!

Pope Francis’ job is to hold the threads of unity together as long as possible…
…even if that unity “cannot” surrender hierarchy as the model for God & Church,
…even if that unity “cannot” recognize the sexism of patriarchy,
…even if that unity “cannot” recognize sexual relationship outside man-woman marriage,
…even if that unity “cannot” discuss certain topics like women’s ordination,
…even if that unity must protect the image of the Church AT ALL COST.

The divisions in the Church at this point have grown so wide that the possibility of a common interpretation of Scripture, Tradition, morality, governance, theology, liturgy is all but nil for many.  “Some of the American Church’s most faithful and active members are becoming the quickest to…

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