Source: Slow and steady wins the family synod on sexuality issues | National Catholic Reporter

Comment to above article:
There is an alternative to the “silent schism” that “is a flood well underway” today as you say. If, indeed the Family Synod turns into the disappointment that may well occur since “[Francis] does not have legal tools to force 5,000 bishops to do as he says.” all hope is not lost.

This severe polarization within the Roman Church may well be the incentive the People of God need to (1) recognize that Rome is NOT the universal Catholic Church, (2) recognize the 20+ Eastern Rites in union with Rome, and (3) realize that these rites are not simply liturgical but also operational rites with different perspectives and practices in governance and canon law, having as well different theological interpretations than the Roman Rite.

In light of all that is happening, we must ask ourselves if the Holy Spirit might be calling the People of God to raise Vatican II from the status of Council to operational rite alongside her Eastern sibling rites in union with Rome. To this end, we have prepared a position paper and presentation on the need to consider the possibility of a Vatican II Rite as a viable and sensible alternative to schism and/or despair. See https://RiteBeyondRome(dot)wordpress(dot)com