Source: Will Language Be the Only Thing That the Synod Updates? | Bondings 2.0

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Like you, Frank, “My biggest worry…is that the synod will spend all their time on trying to put better language on old doctrines and pastoral practices. (As before in the marriage equality debates) what the bishops fail to “understand is that the problem is not the language or presentation which makes people disagree with the Church or feel alienated from it. The problem is that people are hurt and diminished by the Church’s doctrines and pastoral practices.”

I would say that the problem goes even deeper than this. The problem is that one side of the Church speaks a very different language from the other. The problem is different languages from two different cultures, two different ways of thinking about God, Church, People, the World.

The hierarchic, orthodox Roman Catholic culture and the evolutionary, collegial Vatican II culture are in many ways diametrically opposed to each other…much as a wave is not a particle in physics, yet light is both, depending on how you view it.

Much, if not all, of the polarization tearing the Church apart in the past 30 years is due to the effort to integrate two very opposite views on theology, governance, and liturgy. For this reason, I strongly advocate, with others, the raising of Vatican II to operational rite alongside the 20+ Eastern Catholic Rites in union with Rome. These rites have different perspectives on theology, governance and liturgy AND continue to remain part of the universal Catholic Church.

This project of bringing together the wisdom of all those who have and continue to build on the foundation of Vatican II will require many minds and voices…a kind of “build it and they will come” on the internet. With this project, we emphasize that diversity of rites is good for both Rome and the universal Church which includes ALL of us.

To this end, we offer you and your readers the opportunity to view the presentation below, to visit our website,, and to contribute their thoughts, work, concerns and/or objections to this project.

The Introductory presentation on exploring Vatican II as an alternative Catholic Rite can be found at the web address above. Click on the link “Exploring the Way 4 Vatican 2 Rite” on the opening page of that site.
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Looking forward to hearing from all.

Sisters Lea and Consilia