What do you think about this version of the LOST SHEEP parable?

Painted Ponderings

Baaa, Baaaa,       Outside the Box

Not all who wander are lost.

From the time I was born I had lived inside a pen with 99 other sheep.  I had often wondered what it would be like on the outside…was the grass greener, tastier and more abundant beyond the fence?   Sheep eat close to the ground so there were times when food was scarce yet had to be shared with the others.

Being well fed was not to a sheep’s advantage.  We were destined to be eaten. The purest ones  were burned on the sacrificial altar of the temple. That  was something we tried not to think about.

One day I watched one of the flock crawl under the fence.  I wanted to follow him as sheep are known to do, but I didn’t.  That one never came back…its whereabouts are still unknown.

Later I mustered my courage with the thought, “if one…

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