Our Response to National Catholic Reporter article 6/14/16:
Vatican contacting about 15 orders of US sisters for ‘serene’ dialogue

“One of the reasons for this investigative non-investigation of the Sisters of Loretto is the fact that the leadership of their order has not issued a cease and desist warning to Sister Jeannine Grammick in her outspoken acceptance of and ministry to the LGBT community.

The 14 other religious orders are to be serenely “dialogued” about holding similar positions as Loretto on LGBT and other matters extremely important to the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church. (One has to wonder how dialogue can take place when dialogue presumes equal status between parties.)

It is good to know that there are 15 orders of religious women who see things differently from Roman Rite Catholicism. Soon we will know the names of those other courageous communities who, yes, like all of us, make mistakes sometimes or go too far in one direction or another…YET maintain our respect for and connection with the Holy Roman Catholic Church…despite its interrogations and denouncements of our positions and actions.

Perhaps it is time for the Sisters in those courageous communities…time for them and for us other Catholics to…

…understand Vatican II as the starting point of a singularity in Church history

…Vatican II as the moment when a Church Council initiated theological change which became so rapid and profound that it represents a rupture in the fabric of Church history.

That rupture has birthed a whole new set of Vatican II Catholics, many of whom do not identity themselves as such but know they just do not fit into Roman Rite Catholicism anymore.

These Vatican II Catholics are sorely in need of a Vatican II Catholic Rite in the Church…one likewise in union with Rome as are the other 22 non-Roman Catholic Rites to date. They and the Sisters of Loretto might want to do this.
Go to https://RiteBeyondRome.com. (Click on the visual graphic pdf of “Picture the Possibility of a Vatican II Rite” in the green header there.) Explore and share!