Painted Ponderings

IMG_0142                                                 STILL UNDER THE TABLE

There was a time when….not all women were equal in Jesus’ eyes….when he too needed his vision corrected….and allowed a woman to make him see his own, dare we say,  “hypocrisy” and theologically blind idolatry.

Pope Francis has won the hearts of the people, it is true, but  perhaps not the minds.  His leadership style is a model of mercy for all.  But where justice and equality is concerned he too, has a blind spot or perhaps  he prefers casting a blind eye.

Like Jesus in the story of the Syrophoenician woman, Francis is afraid/reluctant to remove the doctrinal ills that restrain the daughters of the church, seeing them as some kind of foreign/refugees begging for a place at the tables within the catholic tradition…

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