This ex-Fox News correspondent is also a member of the ultra-conservative branch of Roman Rite Catholicism.  This move has been carefully “softened” by the pope’s appointment of “a Spanish female reporter (who) will serve as his deputy.”

This seemingly “equal and opposite” management of both ultra-conservative and Vatican II Catholics…Do you think it’s going to work?

“The Vatican has named a former Fox News journalist and member of the controversial Opus Dei group as its chief spokesman…As a student at Columbia University in New York (Greg Burke) became a member of Opus Dei, a conservative Catholic organisation that has faced criticism for secrecy and its approach to recruitment.

The appointment of Greg Burke, 56, was announced following the resignation of Federico Lombardi, a Jesuit priest who has served as spokesman for Pope Francis and his predecessor, Benedict XVI.

Burke spent more than a decade as Fox News’s Rome correspondent before being hired by the Vatican in 2012 as a communications adviser. “

The trouble with this seemingly “middle path” management approach is that Opus Dei has had the upper hand in the Church ever since it bailed the the Church out of its Vatican Bank scandal.  Pope Francis has been trying to modulate Opus Dei control over the Church…but “who pays the piper gets to call the tune”…at least until there is a Vatican II Branch of Catholicism.
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