via We Are Church Ireland » Fr Seán Fagan a ‘brilliant thinker’ who was ‘broken’ by Rome

Comment on above article:

All over the world, both before and after the great worldwide Council of Vatican II, “brilliant thinkers,” men and women leaders, have been “broken” by a Rome that believed the Church needed protection and defense against the revolutionary ideas of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council (1962-1965).

Today we can imagine the peaceful formation of a Vatican II branch of Catholicism, one not immersed in empire, not defined by hierarchy…a Vatican II branch of Catholicism that is connected with its Roman elder brother rite, but not ruled over by it.

We must not allow Fr. Sean Fagan or the many other Vatican II martyrs to be forgotten, for they have given us a legacy in their thinking, action and writing…a legacy that can lead the whole Church out of the age of empire safely back into an age of strength and unity in diversity.

Sister Lea