Pope Francis means well but doesn’t understand…

Bondings 2.0

Remarks by Pope Francis that schools are teaching children they can choose their gender, a result of alleged ideological colonization, drew swift and sharp criticism from Catholics and LGBT advocates. Concerns were not only for the children and transgender people negatively affected but for problems with the ambiguity in Francis’ remarks.

Ryan Hoffman, co-executive director of Call to Action, said in a statement that transgender people “have something very sacred to teach our Church” and added:

“It may not fit in the neat boxes or adhere to the rigid rules of the institutional Church, but that’s what makes their witness so powerful and prophetic. The question, I believe, is whether or not our Church is willing to listen with genuine openness and empathy. I’d like to think our Church will choose this path over one of dangerous and divisive rhetoric.”

Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of DignityUSA, said in a statement:

“Once again, the Pope…

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