Some quotes and questions about Catholicism and politics.

“Many… see in Donald Trump’s version of America a comforting affirmation of an order that seems to be slipping from their grasp.”

“The response to Trump from my conservative coreligionists has been—with a few exceptions—disappointing.”

“This disjointed response to Trump from the religious right should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed presidential politics for the past few decades.”

“The framing of our national political debate as a culture war over “intrinsic evils”—such as abortion and same-sex marriage—in which all other issues pale in importance has painted many religious conservatives into a corner”.

“Absolutism around abortion and (more recently) same-sex marriage has left a great many Christian leaders without adequate conceptual tools to grapple with the significance of Trump’s naked racial appeals.”

These quotes Do Not apply to our own beloved Catholic Church in America?

Quotes from Commonweal Magazine Article “My America”
by Eduardo M. Penalver
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