Again, prophet, poet and song writer Leonard Cohen extends a hand to lift up “From the Wells of Disappointment”


It seems fitting that Leonard Cohen—one of the world’s greatest lovers of beauty—slipped away the night before America’s grotesque election. Unfortunately for us, we are left to sort through the rubble with one fewer beautiful dreamer to call upon for the consolations of poetry.

While many of his generation were writing far more overtly political songs, Cohen was more preoccupied by the body politic—by the all-consuming fire of Eros, by sublime encounters with purveyors of tea and oranges, by tossed sheets and tangled bodies, and by the pained longing of David gazing at an unseeing bather. But we would be wrong to think that Cohen’s songs represented a retreat from the politics of his time, or that all they can offer us today is a momentary reverie amidst the continuing nightmare of last week’s US presidential election.

Cohen’s Democracy was written in 1992 in response to such turbulent events as…

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