“I am left with a crisis. How do I continue to build bridges across racial divides with those who have demonstrated, in overwhelming numbers, that they will partner with a person endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan?”

via Watching 81% of My White Brothers and Sisters Vote For Trump Has Broken Something in Me | Religion Dispatches

Yolanda, yes, I, too, mourn. There is mourning to be done, mourning for the innocence (naivete) that allowed us to think that the Christian narrative made a great dent in overcoming white supremacist racism and gender-ism …narrative based on belief in a religious hierarchy of God-angels-humans-subhumans.

The response of Christians to the Holocaust, even that shock long ago, never resulted in serious denominational examination of the Christian narrative as one covertly supporting cultic hatred of those not like us.

If you see the point I am making here, that I am not trying to denigrate Christianity…but trying to salvage it for all the good it bears the world despite its human flaws…you might be interested in the book, NO ONE LEFT BEHIND, by Darrell Fasching. I highly recommend it as it addresses this issue in a clear and straightforward manner.

Thank you for your fine and honest article!

Blessings, dear sister, as we struggle each in our own denominations,
s. Lea