Kung’s book, CAN WE SAVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH? WE CAN SAVE THE CHURCH Is a very important book for its grand historical view of the Church, particularly in terms of world paradigm shifts and the Church’s response to them.

I prefer the German title: CAN THE CHURCH BE SAVED? The Church was saved in other paradigm crises by the formation of alternative Catholic Rites, including Protestantism which, Kung writes, has not yet been recognized by the Roman System as part of the larger family of Catholicism.

Given both that the cardinalate and bishoprics are stacked in favor of of ultra conservatives and the strong influence of Opus Dei and others of their Roman Catholic persuasion, wouldn’t it make sense to work on a non-Roman western Catholic Rite (system of Catholicism) with transvalued doctrines, canons, ritual?   Western, so that other cultures might have the opportunity to form their own rites also. This, indeed, may be the only way the Catholic Church will be saved for future generations in countries with non-Roman cultures.

Although we have been taught to the contrary, the Roman Catholic Rite does not OWN Catholicism!

I look forward to working with you, sharing ideas with each other!
Sister Lea!