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Catholics: Please Do Not Cite Dorothy Day As A Reason Not To Vote

“How does Trump pass the Church’s litmus test of being “pro-life?” How do Catholics who say they are “pro-life” justify supporting a candidate who repeatedly and publicly rips the heart out of what the Gospel teaches, and who barely pays lip service to their faith?”

“Dorothy Day is cited as an example of “one Catholic who opted because of principle not to vote.” Let’s be clear: Dorothy Day lived a life of intense civic engagement, including demonstrating for the right of women and African Americans to vote. Yes, Dorothy Day herself chose not to vote. But even people on the path to sainthood can be wrong on some things.”

Article by Dawn Morais via Catholics: Please Do Not Cite Dorothy Day As A Reason Not To Vote | Huffington Post

Dorothy Day, Pray for us, for Catholicism, for the U.S.A and the world!

Catholic Church Bulletin Says You’ll Go To Hell If You Vote Democrat

They just don’t get it!  This doesn’t scare us anymore!
Vatican II is alive and well!

via Catholic Church Bulletin Says You’ll Go To Hell If You Vote Democrat | Huffington Post

New HBO series on next pope, an unpredictable American fundamentalist

Jude Law, Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando in HBO series premieres October 2016 throughout Europe and the United Kingdom; in the United States in February 2017.

via Pius XIII: The revolution of an unpredictable American pope – La Croix International

This show has good actors/actresses and certainly plays to the suspicions of many that the next pope will be one who does a fundamentalist turn-around. All the more reason for a Vatican II Rite/Church in union with Rome whether Rome accepts that now or later.

Roman Rite Catholicism is an important branch of Catholicism, but to the extent that it claims itself the sole and commanding voice of Catholicism, it weakens its voice in the world. Diversity of voice is no longer considered a threat or weakness in the modern world. Conversely, diversity of thought and voice is considered an essential component of growth and soundness.

Here’s to Jude Law, Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando that they might have some influence in persuading the world that Catholicism is not a benign dictatorship or a basket of conservatives and liberals at war, but a Church where love comes between “enemies” in ways that help them respect, if not appreciate, their diversity in a multi-faceted unity.

Why Catholics STOP BELIEVING in Catholicism

“If you find yourself gazing at empty pews this weekend and thinking, “They’ll come back when they have kids of their own, you’re in denial” according to  the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) which released a report…thought of as a compilation of anonymous exit interviews…

The number one reason Americans identified as important
motivations in leaving their childhood religion was: THEY STOPPED BELIEVING IN THE RELIGION’S TEACHINGS (60%).”

Could the fact that Americans have “stopped believing in the religion’s teachings” today be due to religion’s fear of letting creeds and doctrines grow beyond their foundational (often literal) interpretations?

Literal & Poetic Interpretations of Catholicism, the real split?

Web Talk on New Rite


On “Cardinal Burke, Islam and the Crusades”

“Cardinal Raymond Burke is evidently keeping busy by promoting a new book, and to that end he has been serving his interviewers the reddest meat it has to offer: attacks on Islam that aim to set the church back to before Vatican II.”

via Cardinal Burke, Islam and the Crusades – Global Pulse Magazine

Our response: This statement of Cardinal Burke is as much a political statement for U.S. elections and world politics as it is a religious statement guiding all Catholics who believe in “defensive stance” Roman Catholicism, a branch of Catholicism rooted in history and much promoted by ultra-conservative Catholicism today.
More reason for a Vatican II Rite Catholicism alongside the Roman Rite.


“At Notre Dame, Chaput slams its honor of Biden as ‘baffling error of judgment’.

Comment:  “How true, as Archbishop Chaput says: “The task of renewing a society… requires a different kind of people. It demands that we be different people,”

We ARE a different kind of people, only not the kind that the archbishop wants. Perhaps it’s OK for us Catholics to think differently and still be family.


via At Notre Dame, Chaput slams its honor of Biden as ‘baffling error of judgment’ | National Catholic Reporter

My America | Commonweal Magazine

Some quotes and questions about Catholicism and politics.

“Many… see in Donald Trump’s version of America a comforting affirmation of an order that seems to be slipping from their grasp.”

“The response to Trump from my conservative coreligionists has been—with a few exceptions—disappointing.”

“This disjointed response to Trump from the religious right should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed presidential politics for the past few decades.”

“The framing of our national political debate as a culture war over “intrinsic evils”—such as abortion and same-sex marriage—in which all other issues pale in importance has painted many religious conservatives into a corner”.

“Absolutism around abortion and (more recently) same-sex marriage has left a great many Christian leaders without adequate conceptual tools to grapple with the significance of Trump’s naked racial appeals.”

These quotes Do Not apply to our own beloved Catholic Church in America?

Quotes from Commonweal Magazine Article “My America”
by Eduardo M. Penalver
Full version:

via My America | Commonweal Magazine

Hispanics chart pastoral direction | National Catholic Reporter

“The idea is to return, undo the structures, and implement the recommendations that were discussed at the national Encuentro at the parishes, dioceses and regions,” Ospino said, adding that sometimes documents or specific strategies emerge, advising how to evangelize fellow Latinos, and later implemented through workshops.

“It’s defined primarily as a process, but with three prongs: evangelization, consultation and a process of building communion.”

via Hispanics chart pastoral direction | National Catholic Reporter

Can Good Theology Change the World? by Carol P. Christ

Carol Christ: “If bad theologies shape the world, might the same not be true of good theologies?

Carol P. Christ by Michael Bakas high resoultionTheology is often viewed as abstract and removed from the problems of the real world. Yet many of the problems of the real world are caused by bad theologies. If bad theologies shape the world, might the same not be true of good theologies?

Opposition to a woman’s right to choose birth control and abortion is fueled by appeals to the command of God to protect life. Opposition to lgbtqi rights is couched in divine authorization of normative heterosexuality. Opposition to efforts to counter climate change are challenged by those who claim to believe in the Bible, not science.

All of these claims are rooted in a prior claim that God is and must be theonly source of authority for human beliefs and moral decision-making. This view can and often does lead its adherents to distrust scientific and other humanly created forms of knowledge. In America, supporters of Donald…

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