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Call for Fearless Dialogue on Women’s Ordination

“Is it wrong to hope in anticipation of Lent that the archaic structures of the church—clung to so fiercely as unchangeable yet skewed so inordinately in patriarchal privilege—can be seriously addressed?”  (Excerpt from “Lenten appeal to Pope Francis on Women’s Ordination from John J. Shea, O.S.A.+”…letter edited for length below)

<<Dear Pope Francis,                                                        February, 2017
I hope you are well and that you are allowed to receive this letter. I pray for you and I am inspired by your obvious concern for the poor and the environment…

When you talk about the need for honest dialogue on the issues that we face as a church, I am somewhat heartened. You keep insisting: “dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.” In fact, you say: “dialogue fearlessly.”

Unfortunately, however, there is not now, nor has there ever been, any fearless—let alone gender inclusive—dialogue on the ordination of women, although this is arguably the most crucial issue in the church.

Can the sea-changing collaboration of bishops and theologians at the time of Vatican II serve as a model for what needs to happen today?  Can you empower that kind of thoroughgoing synod-like collaboration as part of your concern for honest dialogue in the church?…

Is it wrong to hope in anticipation of Lent that the archaic structures of the church—clung to so fiercely as unchangeable yet skewed so inordinately in patriarchal privilege—can be seriously addressed?

Pope Francis, will the day come when the church’s recognition of women rivals the mercy that is the cornerstone of your papacy?

Sincerely,John J. Shea, O.S.A.

Copy: Members of the Council of Cardinals>>

Source: Lenten appeal to Pope Francis on Women’s Ordination from John J. Shea, O.S.A. — Women’s Ordination Worldwide


The Normalization of Violence: Week One in the Trump Era

Some Catholics DON’T think we should Normalize What is happening in our country under the banner of Law and Order! https://Rite Beyond


It has been a week, only a week, since President Donald Trump took office. As I look back at the previous week, I cannot believe it has only been one week. Constant tweeting and talk about crowd sizes is dangerous misdirection – the overwhelming theme of the week, in my opinion, was violence.

The World Health Association defines violence as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.” This is what we are seeing.

Last Friday, I sat and watched the inauguration online during my office hours. I did not vote for Donald Trump, but he is now my president. As someone who takes the idea of Faithful Citizenship very seriously, I felt a responsibility to watch. And…

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Welcome to the Apocalypse, Peeps

The Upside Down World

I’ve been seeing this meme floating around and it’s incredibly apropos for the times we live in. The Greek word for “apocalypse” is to unveil or reveal. Welcome to the apocalypse, peeps. We’re going to be alright. It just takes a bit to work all the mucky stuff out of the system. Be good to each other, k?


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Vatican Document Out of Step with Catholics on Gay Priests – Call To Action

“Today the Vatican issued a document, “The Gift of the Priestly Vocation”, that addresses the formation of priests, including gay priests and seminarians. The document was approved by Pope Francis.”

via Vatican Document Out of Step with Catholics on Gay Priests

We Vatican II Catholics keep trying to reform the Roman Catholic Rite/Church.  Roman Rite Catholicism can only go so far as Good Pope Francis and his call for Mercy;  it has proclaimed numerous times that it cannot move beyond its literalist interpretation of doctrine. When are we Vatican II Catholics going to realize that the much maligned and suppressed “Spirit of Vatican II” may very well be prompting us to think about a Vatican II Rite/Church… in union with Rome and the 23 other Catholic Rites which are also in union with Rome?      Visit Rite Beyond Rome:

Trump Has Broken Something in Me | Religion Dispatches

“I am left with a crisis. How do I continue to build bridges across racial divides with those who have demonstrated, in overwhelming numbers, that they will partner with a person endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan?”

via Watching 81% of My White Brothers and Sisters Vote For Trump Has Broken Something in Me | Religion Dispatches

Yolanda, yes, I, too, mourn. There is mourning to be done, mourning for the innocence (naivete) that allowed us to think that the Christian narrative made a great dent in overcoming white supremacist racism and gender-ism …narrative based on belief in a religious hierarchy of God-angels-humans-subhumans.

The response of Christians to the Holocaust, even that shock long ago, never resulted in serious denominational examination of the Christian narrative as one covertly supporting cultic hatred of those not like us.

If you see the point I am making here, that I am not trying to denigrate Christianity…but trying to salvage it for all the good it bears the world despite its human flaws…you might be interested in the book, NO ONE LEFT BEHIND, by Darrell Fasching. I highly recommend it as it addresses this issue in a clear and straightforward manner.

Thank you for your fine and honest article!

Blessings, dear sister, as we struggle each in our own denominations,
s. Lea

From the Wells of Disappointment: Listening to Leonard Cohen at the End of the World

Again, prophet, poet and song writer Leonard Cohen extends a hand to lift up “From the Wells of Disappointment”


It seems fitting that Leonard Cohen—one of the world’s greatest lovers of beauty—slipped away the night before America’s grotesque election. Unfortunately for us, we are left to sort through the rubble with one fewer beautiful dreamer to call upon for the consolations of poetry.

While many of his generation were writing far more overtly political songs, Cohen was more preoccupied by the body politic—by the all-consuming fire of Eros, by sublime encounters with purveyors of tea and oranges, by tossed sheets and tangled bodies, and by the pained longing of David gazing at an unseeing bather. But we would be wrong to think that Cohen’s songs represented a retreat from the politics of his time, or that all they can offer us today is a momentary reverie amidst the continuing nightmare of last week’s US presidential election.

Cohen’s Democracy was written in 1992 in response to such turbulent events as…

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Catholics: Please Do Not Cite Dorothy Day As A Reason Not To Vote

“How does Trump pass the Church’s litmus test of being “pro-life?” How do Catholics who say they are “pro-life” justify supporting a candidate who repeatedly and publicly rips the heart out of what the Gospel teaches, and who barely pays lip service to their faith?”

“Dorothy Day is cited as an example of “one Catholic who opted because of principle not to vote.” Let’s be clear: Dorothy Day lived a life of intense civic engagement, including demonstrating for the right of women and African Americans to vote. Yes, Dorothy Day herself chose not to vote. But even people on the path to sainthood can be wrong on some things.”

Article by Dawn Morais via Catholics: Please Do Not Cite Dorothy Day As A Reason Not To Vote | Huffington Post

Dorothy Day, Pray for us, for Catholicism, for the U.S.A and the world!

Catholic Church Bulletin Says You’ll Go To Hell If You Vote Democrat

They just don’t get it!  This doesn’t scare us anymore!
Vatican II is alive and well!

via Catholic Church Bulletin Says You’ll Go To Hell If You Vote Democrat | Huffington Post

New HBO series on next pope, an unpredictable American fundamentalist

Jude Law, Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando in HBO series premieres October 2016 throughout Europe and the United Kingdom; in the United States in February 2017.

via Pius XIII: The revolution of an unpredictable American pope – La Croix International

This show has good actors/actresses and certainly plays to the suspicions of many that the next pope will be one who does a fundamentalist turn-around. All the more reason for a Vatican II Rite/Church in union with Rome whether Rome accepts that now or later.

Roman Rite Catholicism is an important branch of Catholicism, but to the extent that it claims itself the sole and commanding voice of Catholicism, it weakens its voice in the world. Diversity of voice is no longer considered a threat or weakness in the modern world. Conversely, diversity of thought and voice is considered an essential component of growth and soundness.

Here’s to Jude Law, Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando that they might have some influence in persuading the world that Catholicism is not a benign dictatorship or a basket of conservatives and liberals at war, but a Church where love comes between “enemies” in ways that help them respect, if not appreciate, their diversity in a multi-faceted unity.

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