Roman Rite Catholicism has always operated out of a monarchy of overarching fear of God/authority with its rewards/punishments system of order. Vatican II changed that scenario and so will always be unacceptable except for those statements in the Vatican II documents which reinforce RC traditions.

Roman Rite Catholicism is merely protecting the theology it considers to be God’s Will and the Church’s identity as it sees it.

Vatican II Catholics have two options:
(1) Fight exceedingly well-organized, well-connected and well-supported entities like Opus D e i which are not going to allow their Rite to meld into a Vatican II mold no matter how patiently we hope and pray otherwise, no matter how hard Good Pope Francis tries to bring them around to Vatican II “innovations”.

(2) The other option for Vatican II Catholics is to take this “now quiet but still strong” rejection of Vatican II on their part as the work of the Spirit, calling us forth to stand as strongly confident in our position as they do in theirs. Maybe the Holy Spirit is trying to tell us something we don’t want to hear…something even Pope Francis doesn’t want to hear…that we need both a Roman Catholic AND Vatican II Rite within the fold of the Universal Church.

Bondings 2.0

Tony Spence’s forced resignation from his position as editor-in-chief of Catholic News Service is indicative of a greater disturbing trend at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  That’s the claim made by John Gehring, the Catholic program director at Faith in Public Life. In a Commonweal article, Gehring lays out the USCCB’s recent trend of digging deeper into culture war battles, just at the time when Pope Francis has been calling church leaders to put aside such strident partisan involvement in favor of a method which engages culture and differing opinions.

Tony Spence

Spence left his job a little over two weeks ago, primarily because tweets he sent out from his personal Twitter account in which he criticized some state legislative battles involving LGBT issues and religious liberty.  The USCCB, which owns Catholic News Service, forced him to submit a letter of resignation.

Gehring spoke with Spence after his sudden…

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